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I have found it to be VERY hard to sell my nests, unless I've priced them to give away! YIKES!

So to try to help, I now am starting to list them on the marketplace.  I have made it as easy as possible for people to find the nests I have for sale, but it is taking time to list each one.

Stop by: to see what is currently available.  I will be putting more of my trees and plants there too, of course, as I get things done up. 

If there is anything that you see you would like, but you don't like to buy from the Marketplace, let me know and I will pull it out and set for sale in-world.

A Painted Meeroo

The nest I got from above Painted Meeroo
Look for these photos for all your Meeroo nest needs. ;)

Snowman #1 - Shark Attack! Cute sculptie shark fins chase this poor guy!

Poor guy has had it! Put a hot water bottle on his head!

You'll laugh with this poor baby and his dad!

Stop by for some funny snowmen!  You'll love these and so will your friends!

This one is the Monthly Madness $50L item!

The first in 4 other types of home layouts

Great cute! With 6 bottoms

Great for Christmas!

Add one more prim if you use one of the free bottom textures!

Great Freebie!
Snowman #4 is ONLY for Members of the AmberMyst Botanical Designs Group.  Stop by the Winter Shopping area to pick up yours!

Santa Sack Hunt
Yes, I have done it again!  I have gotta behind on posting to this blog because of being sick lately.  So here is the news!

We are part of the Santa Sack Hunt!  For only $1L you will get 2 great trees!!

Great Gifts!

Announcing the new iTouch Hunt! AmberMyst Botanical Designs will be one of the sponsors. So take a look and check it out! I'll keep you up to date on what to expect!

Re-Boxing Started

Well, I have 4 things re-boxed.  With all the Meeroo nests I've been sorting, 150 done and 400 to go, I haven't been working on the Botanical shop.  Now I NEED to. *LOL* I have to get them all re-boxed with new landmarks and the sort.  Hopefully it won't take too long.  But for now...

For now it's time to go feed the feral cats I take care of outside!  Take care!

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